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Spicy food to cool off summer

Karen Tina Harrison

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Regina Schrambling


Discovering Indian Cuisine with Travel-Travel-Travel

Merle Exit

The Season for Seasonings: Holiday Cookbooks

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T. Susan Chang

Ramsay Nightmare turns Indian Dream - Queens Times

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"Good Eats - Onstage Ingenues"

Kris Ensminger, NY Times


Visiting Purnima

Kate Ward, Entertainment Weekly


Exceptionally proficient chef


Tango with Mango

V. Thacker



Modern Indian Cooking: Spice-stuffed okra


Takes a playful approach to his Indian menu

Eat Out New York


"Purnima : Inventive dishes express chef's style "

Florence Fabricant, NY Times


South Asian Sensation

The New York Sun

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Unity Celebrating Food, Art and Culture

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Kerala: Gods Own Country

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Rob Simmelkjaer

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A Chef : A Mentor : A Hero

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"Celebrity chefs to spin specialties in Agra"

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"Humanitarian Addiction"

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Mango Mia

Nadia Siddique

New York Chefs Cooking for Life

HighBeam Research -- More than Search ... it's Research

Monika Joshi


"So unique and unusual"

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"Turns food into vision"


The Splendid Table


"Access for the travellers with disabilities at historical sites around the world"



"Chef & Restaurant Data Base"

The Chef and Restaurant Database


Eat and do good!

Lavina Melwani


'Access to Freedom Award' for Khanna

"chef, an ethicist and a graphic artist"

Jyotirmoy Datta


"Chefs Raise $50,000"

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"Vikas is a different kind of a Chef"

Dr. Prakaash. M. Swami



Visions of Palate


"Ground breaking"

Asian Restaurant News, California


"The Cellar Kitchen Sizzles"

Macy*s Way To Shop

Macy's Herald Square


"A taste of India."
The James Beard Foundation

"Vikas Khanna is young, innovative and vibrantly charming."
AM New York, NY

"Vision of Palate"
Asian Cuisine Magazine, Singapore


"Oodles of talent to boot, almost Utopian."

India Today, International

India Today Group


"Power of Taste."

Eyewitness News



"Expert Panel"

Sify, India

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"Great Food Ideas"

Hub UK, London



John Montone,

10 10 Wins, NY


"New York Chefs"
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"Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Figs, Raisins and Spinach"

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Guest judge on season finale of Hells Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay


Experts’ favorite spots

Jeff Koyen


"Explore the Chefdom"

Deepa Pant

Happiness is...Nine Rivers Gala at Rubin

E. Nina Rothe


Critics Choice

Karen Tina Harrison

The love of bread with Vikas

Daisy Carrington

The 2008 New York Times Travel Show Presented by Amex

February 29 - March 2 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NYC

Vision of Palate

PRX Logo

Rachel Bonham Carter

Saving the Nightmare

Garth Johnston


Vikas presents a refreshing Menu on Kitchen Nightmares


Cookbook helps discover tastes of India


Nikas Culinaria

Eat with your eyes


Spicer Route

Mathures Paul


The Global Gourmet



Modern Indian

Cooking: Cookbook Review


Taste all the flavors

AM New York

Karen Tina Harrison


Showcasing Purnima


Nalini Abhiraman


The Renaissance Man

South Asian Face


Father's Day Celebration

Ayesha Hakki


The new style of Indian food

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Barbara Penny Angelakis


Purnima- The Full Moon


Ellen Jakobsmeier


"Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Figs, Raisins and Spinach"

Restaurants and Institutions


"A heightened sense of taste."
The New York Times, NY


New Yorker of the Week


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Book Club





Bon Appetit

Kavita Chhibber


Six Honored in New York City for their contribution

Pride of Amritsar


everything you need in Amritsar


"Immortalize the unique experience of dining"


Sumita Sheth


Colors of Ability

Shomik Chaudhuri


Chefs Guide

Mgr Central


Forbes Book Club

New and Notable


Pehchaan: The flavors of my motherland

Kavita Chhibber


"New Yorker of the Week"



A unique restaurant industry fundraiser


"I salute a man whose compassion and dedication reflect the highest ideals of any religion and all people of goodwill".


Rolling Rains


"Taste of Wall Street"

Nation's Restaurant News

Nation's Restaurant News


Blind Chance: David Faucheux

"5 STARS "

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"Vikas Khanna is the authority on Indian Cuisine."
Upper Crust Magazine, India

"Spotlight on Vikas Khanna"


"He shares the wonder and amazement of Indian cuisine."
The New York Public Library

"A balance of modern
and traditional.
Tandoori Magazine, London

"The Good Life"


Sumita Sheth

"His food is defined as
love at first bite."

Herald Tribune, Canada

"Vikas Khanna is a brilliant young chef, trained by some
of the finest chefs in India."
The New School, NY

"Finest dining experience"

Niagara Gazette

Niagara Falls, NY


"Mango Mia"


West Central Florida, FL


"Layers of Flavors"

He Ate Well

Harris Salat


"Visionary Chef"

News Talk Radio

77 Wabc, NY

"New York Chefs"

Desi Talk, NY



"Flavors in words."

Tribeca Trib, NY

Tribeca Trib Online


"Foods - sweet, savory, hot, spicey, refreshing, cold, soothing, woody, aromatic, licorice, fragrant……"

Star Chefs, NY



Andrew Dornenberg and Karen

Becoming a Chef

"Vision of Palate"

Infinity Radio, NY



"Power of Palate."

Manhattan Society Calendar, Manhattansociety.com



World's Largest Recipe Collection



"Ground breaking"

Asian Restaurant News, California

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