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The best way to get the top quality fish is to catch it, however it is not always possible. The overall color should be bright with shining skin. Bright eyes, clean and bright red gills. The fish and shellfish should always smell fresh and not offensive.

Whole Fish: Always buy whole fish with clear, bright eyes, bright red gills, scales firmly attached to the skin. Shining skin with bright natural coloring and sea fresh smell.

Fillets: Choose neat and well trimmed fillets. It should be firmly packed and without any discoloration.

Smoked Fish: Always look for glossy appearance. Flesh should feel firm and not sticky with pleasant smoky smell.
Frozen Fish: Avoid the fish with no signs of thawing without any dull, white patches, indicating the freezer burns.

Shellfish: Shells should not be cracked or broken. Shells of mussels and oysters should always be tightly shut. Lobsters, crabs and prawns should have bright natural color with all their limbs. Store live clams, oysters, mussels, crabs, lobsters and crayfish in well-ventilated containers and cover with a damp cloth or paper.


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